Maintenance Bundle



Maintenance Bundle

  • $30.00

Maintenance bundle includes 1 bottle of 2oz ear mould spray and 6 pieces of drying capsules.



  • Ear mould spray is formulated for ALL hearing aids and ear moulds, and used to clean your hearing aids from earwax and debris. However, DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON HEARING AID
  • Drying capsule contains silica crystals that helps absorb any moisture build-up in the hearing aids. It's compatible for all hearing aids. 

Step-by-step guide

  * Ear mould spray:

  1. Spray on tissue or soft cloth and wipe all surfaces of hearing aid
  2. Let it air dry
  3. Daily cleaning of hearing aids is highly recommended

  * Drying capsule:

  1. To be used with drying cup
  2. Replace drying capsules when they become light yellow, white or transparent

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