Cerushield disk wax guard (hearing aid filter)



Cerushield disk wax guard (hearing aid filter)

  • $15.00



  • 2mm deep and 2mm wide
  • Designed specifically for SDS (Sound Delivery System) 4.0 hearing aid receivers
  • Compatible with Phonak Marvel, and Paradise RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) hearing aids
  • Each disk includes 8 wax filters
  • Each filter has 2 openings; opening 1 (meant for depositing used filter) and opening 2 (new/replacement filter)
  • The new filters inside the disk are protected from dust and dirt. The new and old remain separated to avoid a mix up

Step-by-step guide

  1. Place thumbs on the side of the disk and rotate the cover in a clockwise direction, until you see a new filter at opening 2. Note: do not place your thumbs on the openings as it will block the rotation. Do not apply too much pressure when rotating disk as it makes rotating more difficult.
  2. Remove dome from hearing aid
  3. Grab the spout of the receiver and insert it into opening 1 (to remove the used filter)
  4. Grab the spout and insert it into opening 2 (to collect the new filter)
  5. Put the dome back onto the hearing aid

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