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We provide comprehensive care for people coping with hearing loss.

We carry multiple leading hearing aid brands and provide unbiased, professional advice in selecting the hearing aid that works BEST for you!

Hearing Loss

Are people around you mumbling? Are you constantly increasing the TV volume? 1 in 6 Singapore residents have some form of hearing loss. You or your loved ones may be one of them. 

Hearing Test

A simple test to objectively assess your hearing level. Don't let your hearing loss affect you when help is readily available. Book your FREE hearing test from iHear professionals today.

Hearing Aid

A device to help you hear better, hear clearer, and most importantly, enjoy hearing again. Today's hearing aids can be tuned to fit your personal type and degree of hearing loss.

Meet Maggie Huang
Your Hearing Specialist

Maggie is a certified senior Audiometrist and consultant with more than 10 years of clinical experience in the hearing healthcare industry. 


With her range of experiences, Maggie is versatile in treating patients from all ages and walks of life, and is passionate about sharing her love for hearing.


Maggie also provides training and mentors Hearing Care Professionals to enhance their clinical skills.


Maggie strongly believes that better hearing gives a better quality of life, which is why she actively advocates the importance of hearing health.

Maggie is sure to find the best hearing aid that fits your needs and wants.


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