Phonak (Switzerland)


Phonak (Switzerland)

We believe in changing lives and creating a world where “life is on” for everyone.

Phonak’s Philosophy states that Well-Hearing goes beyond the ability to hear. It is intrinsically linked to a greater state of physical, cognitive and social/emotional well-being. When you enjoy Well-Hearing, you become well-equipped to embrace the life you want. Well-Hearing helps you be well and live well, which is how we measure well-being.

We are passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally:

  • Stay connected: Phonak hearing aids focus on speech understanding, comfort and ease-of-use, and are tailored to give you the listening experience you desire.
  • Designed to suit you: Your hearing care professional will recommend a model of hearing aid that best suits your needs and hearing loss, but you always have a choice when it comes to deciding which style is right for you. All Phonak hearing aid models are available in a variety of colors.
  • Next level, powerful sound: Combining new hardware and enhanced software. New features in our latest hearing aids include Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation, Motion Sensor Hearing and more.