Hearing Aid 

Selecting A Hearing Aid

Hearing aids come in many designs and styles. Hence, hearing aid prices vary greatly, depending but not limited to the type of hearing aid, the technology level and the features available.


When selecting hearing aids, the price should not be your primary concern. The main goal is to select hearing aids that will meet your needs effectively.


Extensive research has proven that people benefit most from wearing a hearing aid in each ear that has hearing loss. For those with hearing loss on two ears, it is known as binaural fitting.


With binaural hearing, you will enjoy improved stereo sound quality and better speech perception in normal listening environments, increased speech understanding in groups or in environments with loud background noise. You will no longer need to strain your better ear to hear clearly, giving you a more relaxed and balanced hearing experience.


The proper selection of a hearing aid encompasses more than a person's hearing loss. Other factors such as occupation, lifestyle, common listening environment and physical ability have to be considered before the most suitable hearing aid for you can be recommended.


It is advised that you purchase your hearing aid from a Hearing Care Professional instead of off-the-shelf or online. Getting a hearing aid includes personal evaluation of your hearing level and needs by a Professional, hearing aid fitting, adjustment of sound quality to maximise your hearing experience and follow-up rehabilitation for successful use of your hearing aid. All these can only be accomplished through a professional relationship and good rapport between you and your Professional.


At iHear, we have the experience and expertise needed to assist you with your hearing aid selection and follow up services that will give you the best listening experience. Come and speak to us today!

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