Electric Dryer

    • A more effective and efficient drying solution for your hearing aid.
    • Uses gentle constant dry heat to remove moisture and condensation.
    • Disinfect with UV-C light for 15 minutes to sanitize your hearing aid and inhibit bacteria growth.
    • REMOVE HEARING AID BATTERY and place your hearing aid with opened battery door in the box. 
    • Simple one-touch operation.
    • Microprocessor controls temperature drying for 3 hours, 6 hours or 9 hours.  
    • Built-in battery tester to test the fullness of your hearing aid battery.
    • Making hearing aid maintenance easier, less costly and environmentally friendly. 
    • Accommodates more than a pair of hearing aid. 
    • Suitable to use in high humidity country or for the user who perspires. 
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